Best Nail Salons in Woodbury

15 Best Nail Salons in Woodbury: Luxury Nails Services (2023)

A nail salon, sometimes known as a “nail bar,” is a type of beauty salon that specializes in providing nail care services including manicures, pedicures, as well as nail treatments. Normally, it caters to the female population, however with changing times, nail salons are offering a diversity of treatments such as spas, thus, children and men can enjoy it as well. Therefore, if visiting manicure shops is something you enjoy, Woodbury has a lot to offer. But with so many great alternatives, how can you tell which Woodbury nail salons are indeed the finest?

The answer is straightforward: we know of them all and have to list them all in our listing of Woodbury nail salons! Thus, in this article, we provide you with the top 15 nail salons in Woodbury MN.

Best Woodbury Nail Salons:

Tu Nails

Tu Nails - Woodbury nail salons

Tu Nails, a luxurious nail salon in Woodbury, offers its customers high-quality beauty services for reasonable costs. Additionally, they are aware of and respect each person’s needs and do everything in their power to make your visit enjoyable and comfortable.

Even more, the shop has certified nail technicians who are there to assist you in relaxing and unwinding your mind and body or merely to rebalance your day. Anyways, they provide polite service, as well as their tools are always sanitized and cleaned after each usage at their pedicure spa. By doing this, the salon constantly avoids the chance of bacterial transmission or infusions.

Address: 245 Radio Dr j, Woodbury, MN 55125, United States

Phone: +1 651-714-3879

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Sky Nails

Sky Nails

Sky Nails is the perfect nail salon for you to lose yourself in an opulent setting, and its strategic location in Woodbury. At this Woodbury MN nail salons, they provide a cozy, welcoming environment where you can unwind from the stresses of daily life and take advantage of our transforming spa and salon treatments.

Additionally, they offer all you require in one place to revitalize your emotions, skin, as well as nails. Further, they are your go-to refuge, whether you need a girls’ day or simply need to take care of yourself. Also, you can also go there for manicures, waxing, and other services.

Address: 8320 City Centre Dr ste f, Woodbury, MN 55125, United States

Phone: +1 651-735-2999

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Iris Nails

IRIS NAILS - Woodbury nail salons

True relaxation and flawless nail art can be found at Iris Nail Salon. One can move back from the hustle and bustle of life and relish getting treatment from head to toe at Iris Nails.  Further, the outstanding group of skilled nail technicians is prepared to go above and beyond for each client.

Also, they offer a wide range of the best nail care products and cosmetic services, including manicures, pedi, micro-blading, wax, and eyelash extension.

Address: 1049 Helmo Ave N, Oakdale, MN 55128, United States

Phone: +1 651-735-9649

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Victoria’s Nails & Spa

Victoria's Nails & Spa

Thao Nguyen found Victoria’s Nails and Salon in December 2015. Since she began working in the beauty industry in 1999. Thao has had the desire to own a distinctive, customer-focus business that roots in the community. Furthermore, she has a strong business sense and an artistic sense that go beyond simply enhancing attractiveness.

Additionally, they expose you to the most cutting-edge nail care technology that will maintain your safety and be up-to-date with first-rate nail care. Additionally, Victoria’s’ are experts in creating a welcoming workplace where the client comes first. The best part is that they offer the most recent cleaning and nail art technologies. Furthermore, the salon provides over 800 hues and the newest trends.

Address: 8362 3rd St N, Oakdale, MN 55128, United States

Phone: +1 651-797-4630

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Ultra Nails

Ultra Nails - Woodbury nail salons

Ultra Nails in Woodbury offers a service that is equal parts stylish and professional. They carry a huge selection of dipping shellac and color powders. Additionally, they use premium organic products like OPI, SNS, Spa Organic, etc.

Each employee possesses a full license for the trades they work in. Every item is cleaned, sterilized, or used just once in accordance with the laws and regulations. Nevertheless, they offer all of their customers a welcoming and clean environment, and even customer care is their first priority. Further, they have thought about your complete comfort when designing their amenities.

Address: 572 Commons Dr #100, Woodbury, MN 55125, United States

Phone: +1 651-330-5549

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Ocean Nails

Ocean Nails

The most competent and reasonably priced nail salon in Woodbury is Ocean Nails. Customer happiness, needs, and safety are their main priorities. Additionally, their nail salon is committed to introducing the best goods and methods to the nail salon market. For a fair fee, they offer their loyal clients the best manicure, pedi, dipping powder, and other treatments at their nail salon in Woodbury MN.

Moreover, no matter which services you select, their qualified team will satisfy you the greatest. In addition, the nail salon recognizes the need of keeping a safe and healthy atmosphere for all of its esteemed clients. For all procedures and treatments, they wash, disinfect, and sterilize all of their equipment and instruments.

Address: 803 Bielenberg Dr STE 104, Woodbury, MN 55125, United States

Phone: +1 651-702-5933

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Daisy Nails & Spa

Daisy Nails & Spa - Woodbury nail salons

Daisy Nails & Spa is another amazing nail studio on our list. Their nail salon is dedicated to offering the market’s top products and procedures. The studio provides the greatest manicure, pedi, and other treatments at their beauty salon for a reasonable price to their devoted customers.

Moreover, this salon gives a warm and tidy environment for all of its clients, and even customer relationship management is given top importance. This is a must-visit place if you are in Woodbury.

Address: 9900 Valley Creek Rd STE 160, Woodbury, MN 55125, United States

Phone: +1 651-340-4761

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Sunrise Nails

Sunrise Nails

One of the finest nail salons in the region is perfectly situated in Woodbury. For your desires of boosting natural beauty and revitalizing your day, Sunrise Nails offers first-rate nail care and spa treatments. Additionally, the nail salon prides itself on providing its loyal clients with excellent services and top-notch materials and supplies.

Additionally, consumers have a variety of options, allowing them to choose any services they desire. Their services are all reasonably priced. The studio also allows the value of preserving a safe and well climate for all of our esteemed visitors. Finally, they promise to follow the strictest industry standards.

Address: 8144 Coller Way STE 150, Woodbury, MN 55125, United States

Phone: +1 651-340-6437

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Frenchies Modern Nail Care

Frenchies Modern Nail Care - Woodbury nail salons

In terms of nail care, a revolution is taking place. You can tell you’re in for more than just a standard mani-pedi when you enter a Frenchies Modern Nail Care studio. Additionally, because they genuinely care about the wellness, well-being, as well as safety of their visitors, they take the hygiene and sanitation of their studio and equipment very seriously.

Furthermore, Frenchies support natural nail treatment by carefully choosing products that still offer you the lovely nails you want while being free of the worst hazardous chemicals. Additionally, they have received favorable reviews and have been extensively covered by the media for their care and appearance.

Address: 7774 Hargis Pkwy, Woodbury, MN 55129, United States

Phone: +1 651-788-7002

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MT Nails


MT Nails is a reputable nail salon that is adored by everyone in the community, including moms, kids, and workaholics who need to unwind. It is situated in the center of Woodbury. Large Areas and their room is elegantly furnished with a beige-painted wall, opulent black and gold furnishings, and plush Pedi chairs, making it perfect for any event, whether a weekly spa session, a girls’ night out, a family time to bond, or a kid’s birthday celebration.

Additionally, they promise to utilize premium goods from well-known manufacturers that are kind to even young children’s skin and nails. They will also receive assistance from a qualified, experienced, and committed staff team. Additionally, they daily sanitize their premises and disinfect their tools after every client.

Address: 610 Woodbury Dr #400, Woodbury, MN 55125, United States

Phone: +1 651-207-5612

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Tips ‘n toes Woodbury

Tips 'n toes Woodbury - Woodbury nail salons

Toes and Tips A lively, entertaining nail shop can be found in Woodbury. Their technicians will offer you a style that not only leaves you feeling fantastic about your nails and yet also attracts other people’s attention, whether you require a fix or an entirely new design. In addition, if a customer is new or a recurring one, they all receive the same high-quality service for which they are renowned.

The nail studio additionally provides the best and most pleasurable pedicure and manicure treatments. Further, they are aware of the importance of safety as well as hygiene to your sense of well-being. Above all, staff members are taught to adhere to a proper sterilization process that prioritizes the hygiene of the customers.

Address: 0150 Hudson Rd #130, Woodbury, MN 55129, United States

Phone: +1 651-739-8489

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Angelish Nail Salon

Angelish Nail Salon

Angelish Nail Salon is a funky and trendy nail salon in Woodbury. They are fun and hippy with color and give you uniqueness through nails. Further, they take seriously maintaining the cleanliness and hygienic conditions of their studio and gear since they truly care more about the health, well-being, and welfare of their customers.

Also, they also encourage natural nail care by carefully selecting products that still give you the beautiful nails you desire while being devoid of the most toxic materials.

Address: 9939 Hudson Blvd N Suite 108, Lake Elmo, MN 55042, United States

Phone: +1 612-314-3821

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Miley Nails & Pedicures

Miley Nails & Pedicures - Woodbury nail salons

Miley Nails & Pedicures, which is situated in Woodbury on a lovely corner, is a standard salon for everybody because they always make an effort to meet or exceed their client’s expectations. Additionally, their salon takes great delight in offering their valued clients all excellent services and customer happiness.

Further, customers have a plethora of options at Miley Nails & Pedicures, so you can use whatever services you desire. Also, there is no hesitancy when using one or more of their salon’s treatments because all of their offerings are reasonably priced.

Address: 437 Commerce Dr #300, Woodbury, MN 55125, United States

Phone: +1 651-731-6322

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Belle Nails & Spa

Belle Nails & Spa

Simply said, Bellé Nails and Spa is Woodbury’s top nail salon. Amazing nail services are available, including manicures, spa pedicures, pink & white solar, silk wraps, as well as other nail enhancements. Additionally, they offer exceptional services and reasonable costs.

Furthermore, this salon blends the newest technology, and premium products, as well as a qualified, experienced team, to give its clients a warm, friendly environment and great services. Last but not least, after visiting this place, you will leave their salon feeling more confident and gorgeous.

Address: 1528 Woodlane Dr, Woodbury, MN 55125, United States

Phone: +1 651-739-3999

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All About Nails

All About Nails - Woodbury nail salons

Everything started in 2000 when Diane and her husband Trang emigrated to America in search of a better life. Diane started working at a salon and discovered right away that she adored the field. Both goals were accomplished in 2004 when Trang and his sister Nina invested in All About Nails.

which Diane has been successfully running ever since she received her cosmetology certification. Further, customers’ and employees’ safety are important to All about Nails. Additionally, they provide the top products at reasonable costs. Also, they offer spa services for your pretty fingers for a soothing experience.

Address: 6445 Lake Rd, St Paul, MN 55125, United States

Phone: +1 651-738-8100

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To make the nails stand out, different patterns, colors, decorations, and embellishments are added. As you advance, you may get complicated works of art with superb detail on your nails in addition to more straightforward designs. Finding the most popular nail salons online can be challenging, though. The Woodbury nail salons listed above can help, thank goodness! So that you may arrive at any event or occasion with the hottest nails, they keep you prepared with distinctive nail designs. So you are going to shine wherever you go!

Also, the aforementioned nail salons offer diverse treatments for manicures and pedicures. Some even offer spa facilities. Most of them are pocket friendly, and some are even gender-friendly. Make sure to visit any one of them if you live or are in Woodbury for the best experience.






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