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10 Most Popular Nail Salons in Pittsburgh with Quality Products

Skin treatment services are habitually provided in nail salons in Pittsburgh. Spas, hotels, and customary beauty salons all provide manicures. Nail technicians, manicurists, or nailists are unexceptional designations for those who work in nail salons. There are several options, including pedicures, French manicures, acrylics, wraps made of silk or fiberglass, paint, and wraps. These are for nail care that nail shops provide. One-stop beauty shops are unoccupied at some nail salons. One-stop nail salons often encompass facials, waxing, and skin care amenities in addition to nail services.

The standard job title for people who work in nail salons is “nail technician.” Nearly 40% of nail salon technicians in the US are prevalently estimated to be Vietnamese women, according to the industry. Between 59 and 80 percent of nail technicians in California are of Vietnamese descent. Vietnamese nail techs are more prevalent than other nationalities. The majority of these women are Vietnamese immigrants.

Nail polish, acrylic nails, and nail restoration are among the manicure amenities that are quintessentially provided by nail salons. Most nail shops additionally provide pedicures and other foot care services. For undesirable hair on the back, bikini area, or other locations, many nail salons provide waxing services. Day spas are predominantly also entrusted to as nail salons if they provide other skin care services like facials. Nail salons typically allow walk-in clients, but you might want to schedule an appointment as well.

Best Nail Salons in Pittsburgh


GossipAndNailSpa - nail salons pittsburgh

A seasoned cosmetologist named Kim Nguyen and her business partner Younes Mekkaoui came up with the resplendent notion for Gossip Nail Spa. They aspire to deliver cutting-edge cosmetology in a local setting designed to build ties among and the enlargement of the Downtown. They offer a welcoming and affable environment and are committed to giving exceptional customer service.

The nails are their predominant business. These nail salons in Pittsburgh also provides treatments like manicures, pedicures, nail arts, eyelash extensions, and waxing. There is a massive array of natural and organic skincare products created by a group of working women.

Address: 2809 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203, United States

Phone: +1 412-586-4966

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NAIL CHIC| Nail Salon

NAIL CHIC - nail salons pittsburgh

Every time you enter NailChic, you can surmise an extravagant experience complete with flashes of gold and the detonation of champagne cork. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Pittsburgh nail salon and its staff work to provide every customer with superlative service.

They do this through the use of high-quality products, training, intact customer service, and the most advanced safety and health procedures. These encompass their recently installed Aerovex HealthyAir: Nail Source Capture System. In Pittsburgh’s Dormont neighborhood is NailChc. Online appointments can be make! If you’re probing for the greatest nail salon in Pittsburgh, Nailchic is the location you need.

They specialize in manicures, pedicures, pedicures during pregnancy, and acrylic, gel, and other nails. Don’t forget to stop by their sister business, SKINCHIC, which is located just across the street in Dormont, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. About brows, lashes, and face waxing, Skinchic is a maestro. There are open appointments for facials, dermaplaning, bikini waxing, Brazilian waxing, lash lifting, lash tinting, brow laminating, and other services.

Address: 1418 Potomac Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216, United States

Phone: +1 412-377-7071

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A nail technician advances to Entry Level once they have terminated the training program. Although they take on new clients, their books are starting to fill up. Quintessentially, these nail salons Downtown Pittsburgh PA have no more than one year of experience.

A nail technician advances to the Advanced Level after completing definite requirements. They can be reserve for 4+ weeks at a time, but they are still taking on new clients. These have a tenure of between one and three years.

They have the pinnacle of artists. They have become maestros in their field and are now teaching others as part of the training programme. While they currently do not take new clients, they do offer a waiting list that you can amalgamate for when they do.

For the group of experts, your appointments are paramount. They want a 24-hour notice if you need to reschedule or cancel any appointments. The professional team will then be able to amend their schedules accordingly. For “no shows” or cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice, a 100% service fee will be charge.

Address: 3507 Butler St f2, Pittsburgh, PA 15201, United States

Phone: +1 412-735-8067

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LaLa’s Salon and Spa

LaLa’s Salon and Spa

A specialty nail salon with an absorption of elaborate nail art and idiosyncratic designs is LaLa’s Salon & Spa. They have many sites, encompassing Pittsburgh and Monroeville, and want your business. These nail salons Downtown Pittsburgh PA provide premium spa, nail, and beauty services in a stylish, modern-chic setting. Their specialized offerings, refined aesthetics, and cutting-edge styles merge to produce an unprecedented nail salon experience.

LaLa’s Salon & Spa offers individualized services that are catered to your explicit requirements. They work hard to provide services of the highest caliber, consistently, and in a soothing, recovering environment. Every woman is meant to feel like a Queen in these sophisticated rooms, which have a modern victorian vibe!

LaLa’s Salon & Spa is an adult-only establishment. They concede the value of a woman’s occasional “Me Time”. They want you to be able to fully relish your experience without being interrupted.

Regarding PA’s air quality supervision, LaLa’s Salon & Spa complies. The air is safer and cleaner thanks to its ventilation system, which unfastens harmful dust, bacteria, and threatening compounds from the atmosphere.

Address: 5341 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224, United States

Phone: +1 412-404-2003

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Lotus Nail Studio

Lotus Nail Studio

Your nails are shaped and your cuticles are taken care of during their uncomplicated & sweet manicure. Your preferred nail polish or gel polish for longer-lasting looks is used to ultimately complete this treatment. Please permit an additional 10 minutes for the gel removal process.

All of the pampering from Aey’s Distinctive Service is encompassed in their Deluxe Service. But in addition, these Pittsburgh nail salons will apply a Detox clay masque treatment to nurture your skin. These wrap your arms and hands in hot towels to alleviate them before treating you with their signature arms and hand massage.

Customers who entail sturdiness on their nails with a more robust base coat are the quintessential candidates for the Rubber Gel treatment. What makes this product unique is that it gives your nails more flexibility.

Address: 5854 Ellsworth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, United States

Phone: +1 412-465-6624

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Envy Nail Spa at the terminal inc

Envy Nail Spa at the terminal inc - nail salons pittsburgh

For a relaxing experience in a chic setting, visit a nail salon. These cheap nail salons Pittsburgh provide their clients with the foremost services in the field of beauty care at a neutral price. The knowledgeable staff will satiate you the most, regardless of the services you choose.

Envy Nail Spa at The Terminal is conscious of the importance that customers place on cleanliness and safety. Their tools, equipment, and electrical gadgets are always properly cleaned before being sanitized and disinfected using a proven procedure. Every time a file or buffer is used, it is erased thereafter. Throughout the entire pedicure procedure, liner protection is employed. To follow a relevant sanitization protocol, their staff has received training.

Address: 1661 Smallman St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, United States

Phone: +1 412-251-0062

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Beauty Bungalow PGH

Beauty Bungalow PGH - nail salons pittsburgh

In the summer of 2018, Stacie launched Beauty Bungalow PGH. She spent a few years working in corporate after graduating from college before realizing her craving to be more artistic. The experimented with nail art at home before enrolling in beauty school sparsely after.

She established Beauty Bungalow PGH when she unearthed this cherishable small bungalow advertised on Craigslist after finishing beauty school. years later, they built the most implausible staff of 9 nail artists and 2 Four estheticians. They collectively have over 450+ five-star reviews.

These intend to provide a space where people can be themselves and feel more striking about themselves. They are incredibly appreciative of their success and splendid customers. And all of the assistance they have received over the years.

Address: 2944 W Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15216, United States

Phone: +1 412-559-1150

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PAINT Nail Bar

PAINT Nail Bar - nail salons pittsburgh

The guiding principle of PAINT Nail Bar is to offer a magnificent experience to everyone. They believe that being palatial occasionally is acceptable, and they offer the quintessential setting for doing so! The icing on the cake is their free mimosas, of course!

Their signature service starts with a dry manicure to verify that your polish will endure. Then these cheap nail salons Pittsburgh take care of your cuticles and shape your nails. To make the skin look better, a validated organic sugar exfoliating scrub is massaged onto it. Your hands are then lavished with a trademark massage to soothe any stress before you choose nail paint.

Address: 5219 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224, United States

Phone: +1 412-688-6380

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Oakland Nails

They are a petite nail salons in Pittsburgh that provides many mismatched natural nail care, nail augmentation, and foot treatments. In addition to other premium brands, they also make use of OPI, Essie, Gelish, and Perfect Match. They put a lot of endeavor into giving their customers superlative nail experiences for unbiased costs.

As well as creating a sublime spot to visit and unwind, their objective is to strengthen ties with the neighborhood. All booking is online due to high traffic. While soaking and unwinding, take a seat back and unbend with a glass of wine. With your AM appointment, get a cup of sprightly prepare coffee!

To ensure that you luxuriate during your stay, they provide beverages and little nibbles. About relaxation and sleep, aromatherapy is crucial. Pick from a comprehensive range of various organically derived fragrance oils. These endorse euphony and balance while enhancing both mental and physical well-being.

Address: 406 S Craig St #3, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, United States

Phone: +1 412-613-0365

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Ambiance Hair & Nail Gallery

Go there for practically priced eyelash extensions and flaunt those movie star eyes. When you go to them for strips or individual extensions, you can halt spending hundreds a year on pricey mascara brands. Throw away your old tweezers because these Pittsburgh nail salons provide eyebrow waxing treatments. For just $10, you can get the utopian shape you desire.

You’re worn out and fatigued after a demanding workweek. Visit their nail and hair salon so that their skilled staff of specialists will assist you in unbending. They provide an assortment of calming services, encompassing mini-facials and massage therapy.

Come to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Ambiance Hair & Nail Gallery for their specialized hair and nail services any day to refine your appearance. Their stylists give a brisk consultation to assist you to choose the unsurpassed hairdo. No matter if you lucidly need a cut or want to attempt a new look. They make suggestions for you to become your new, sublime self during the appointment.

Address: 1231 Federal St, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, United States

Phone: +1 412-403-8257

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In addition to exfoliating and hydrating, you will also luxuriate in a soothing hand and foot massage. Along with cooperating in muscular relaxation, it also endorses blood circulation and increases joint mobility. This can lessen pain and aid in keeping your body warm throughout the colder months. Your risks of acquiring an infection or fungus in your nails are diminished with frequent manicures and pedicures.

Every day, an assortment of external substances and elements are exposed to the hands. To get rid of the dead skin cells on your hands, it makes sense to thoroughly clean them. That galvanizes the escalation of new cells, making your nails stronger and more useful. The nail salon professional will assist you in selecting the quintessential mani-pedi for your skin type and level of damage.

When under stress, some people start chewing their cuticles, which can leave them withered, cranny, or even bleeding. The archetypal alternative to a body massage when you’re stressed out is to get a manicure or pedicure. Additionally, it will give you foxy nails, which will make you smile just thinking about them.

Winters can be particularly demanding for those with dry, sensitive skin. For the benefit of your skin and nails, it is advise to get manicures and pedicures routinely during the winter. Even though they are uncovered to the chilly winter weather, it will perpetuate them smooth and silky.






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