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10 Best Nail Salons in Cherry Creek for Pretty Nails (2023)

The days of paying minimal care to one’s nails are over. These days, people tend to look at their nails before anything else. Nails that are well polished and free of chips project an image of authority, while those that are chipped give off an image of untidiness. Get a new manicure and show off your pretty nails at the office, a friend’s housewarming, or any other social gathering. The fun of obtaining a manicure is that you may experiment with various hues and patterns every time while promoting the development of healthy new skin. The condition of one’s nails has the potential to enhance or ruin an ensemble. As a result, we’ve looked for recommendations for the best nail salons in Cherry Creek.

You work hard to look your best every day, so why not treat your nails to a day of pampering at one of Cherry Creek’s chic manicure salons? However, we realize it may be difficult to choose among the many options available. To make it easier for you, we have compiled a list of the 10 best nail salons in Cherry Creek.

Best nail salons in Cherry Creek:

5280 NAILS & SPA

5280 NAILS & SPA - nail salons in Cherry Creek

5280 Nails & Spa went through a management change in 2013. Since then, they have made it their mission to provide the best beauty services to their clients and customers. Even though they are a family-owned business, they try hard to provide as many services to the community as possible.

What makes them unique is that they are dedicated to providing the absolute best-relaxed environment to each and every customer. With the help of a relaxing environment, they enhance all of their services by making them more calming.

They have a long list of returning customers. This goes to show their excellent customer service and the quality of their work. In an effort to provide our customers with the best shopping experience possible, they are always making improvements to their establishments. Additionally, they update their methods and creative designs regularly.

Address: 343 S Colorado Blvd Unit A, Denver, CO 80246, United States

Phone: +1 303-780-5424

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Blue Sky Nails & Lash

Blue Sky Nails & Lash

Blue Sky Nails & Lash offer high-quality beauty services. They have everything you can look for, from manicures and pedicures to lash extensions. Their aim is to provide you with the best service experience. This is made possible with the help of a clean and luxurious atmosphere to fulfill your needs.

They offer a lot of different services. For example, manicures, lash extensions, pedicures, etc. They have four different types of manicures available for you to choose from. For pedicures, they have over nine different types available. They also offer eyelash extensions in the form of 4 different packages. Additionally, they also have special services for high school students and for children under the age of 10.

Address: 4260 E Alameda Ave, Glendale, CO 80246, United States

Phone: +1 303-377-6968

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Mani Pedi Cherry Creek

Mani Pedi Cherry Creek - nail salons in Cherry Creek

Mani Pedi is one of the nail salons Cherry Creek has that takes pride in its work. They have an enthusiastic and creative crew available who want to help you get the services of your dream. They have three main locations available. You can book any service you want at their locations through their website.

They have four different packages of manicures and pedicures with additions available. These packages are available at different price points, so you can choose one that suits you the best. Furthermore, they have children’s special services that are available for kids under the age of 7. However, when booking them, keep in mind that they do not offer any type of nail extensions.

Address: 201 Fillmore St C, Denver, CO 80206, United States

Phone: +1 303-394-0880

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Purluxe Beauty Bar

Purluxe Beauty Bar

Purluxe Beauty Bar is a very unique Cherry Creek nail salon. They care a lot about your well-being and take care of all of your needs. They adhere to strict guidelines for the sanitation of our medical-grade instruments. Furthermore, this customer orientation is visible in the fact that they only use the finest items in all of their beauty services.

If you want to take a break from your daily, hectic life, consider going here for a day filled with pampering. All of their treatments are customized to the specific need of each of their client. They only use the best supplies for your treatments to provide you with the best service possible. You can get anything you want to be done here. For example, nail art, lash extensions, waxing, threading, etc.

Address: 3250 E 1st Ave, Denver, CO 80206, United States

Phone: +1 720-398-8717

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Cherry Creek Nail Spa

Cherry Creek Nail Spa

At Cherry Creek Nail Spa, they specialize in providing excellent manicures and pedicures. They realize how important the quality is of the items they use because it goes on your skin and nail. This is why they utilize the products with the best quality available.

Additionally, they put together the most popular and long-lasting nail care products because they want your nails to look good for an extended period of time. Their main goal is to maintain a spotless workplace. They achieve this by regularly cleaning and disinfecting everything.

Furthermore, they are committed to becoming more eco-friendly by manufacturing eco-friendly goods. This helps cut down on wasteful plastics and carbon emissions. Their goal is to make you feel pampered and completely satisfied with every aspect of their service. They will help you feel stress-free from your everyday life.

Address: 2700 E 6th Ave Unit A, Denver, CO 80206, United States

Phone: +1 303-321-0655

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Helena’s Nails

Helena’s Nails - nail salons in Cherry Creek

Helena Nails & Spa are one of the leading nail salons in Cherry Creek because of their shared appreciation for aesthetics. They provide outstanding service through their team of highly trained staff members. All of them are very dedicated to satisfying their customer’s demands. This can be seen in their attention to detail.

Furthermore, they are well-known for their superior products, in addition to the impeccable cleanliness of their establishment and the way they take care of their customers. They have nail care services, waxing, kid services, and dipping powder, and solar powder. You can receive expert care in a very soothing environment. Rest assured that all of your needs and wants will be met here.

Address: 1010 E 11th Ave, Denver, CO 80218, United States

Phone: +1 303-894-8168

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Bee Nail Salon

Bee Nail Salon

Bee Nails are popular for their professionalism and high standards of quality. They always provide their beauty services in a pristine and soothing setting. Their team of trained and certified professionals will help you relax and re-energize after a long week.

Some of the most popular services include nail care and waxing services. You can go all out with a new shade for a standard manicure or enjoy an entire spa service. You can make an appointment with them by phone or email.

What’s unique about them is that they are willing to provide services for you even if you are unable to make an appointment. This means that you can walk in whenever it is convenient for you. All of these amenities and exceptions are made because they have committed to providing the Cherry Creek community with exceptional nail care.

Address: 1121 E 4th Ave, Denver, CO 80218, United States

Phone: +1 303-778-6688

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Manicured is a company that was built to benefit the neighborhood surrounding it. They are one of the progressive nail salons that care about the environment just as much as you do. All of their eco-friendly products help them reduce their carbon footprint. Furthermore, they take measures to also reduce their water consumption.

Some of their efforts include installing low-flow faucets and water-saving pedicure chairs in their salons. They stand out among other nail salons because of their priorities and transparency. They have shown that they reinvest a part of their earnings in local organizations.

This helps support small businesses and families trying to make them work. It is important to them that you are completely happy and satisfied when you leave. To do this, they are very transparent about all of their services and processes. For example, product sales, service procedures, trash removal, etc.

Address: 4106 E 8th Ave, Denver, CO 80220, United States

Phone: +1 303-322-0996

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Sola Salon Studios

Sola Salon Studios

Since its foundation in 2004, Sola Salon Studios has provided more than just attractive services. They are now one of the nation’s most successful chains of salon studios. Their main priority is ensuring all of their clients and customers have an enjoyable visit to any of their salon studios. Additionally, they support the efforts of those in the beauty industry.

Their goal is to encourage those in this industry to open their own salons to gain more independence. They know about all the factors that contribute to a beauty salon’s ability to succeed. Furthermore, they provide fully equipped studios in addition to community-specific resources. You can choose to go to any of their salons and just know that all of your needs will be fulfilled. They always make sure to prioritize your needs above all else.

Address: 299 Detroit St, Denver, CO 80206, United States

Phone: +1 303-872-5125

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2:20 Nail Spa

220 Nail Spa

2:20 Nail Spa is a newly opened salon, as it was founded only in 2019. However, they still offer first-rate nail care and spa treatments in a relaxing and sanitary setting. You can choose them if you want to go on a path to perfect nails at an affordable price. They can specialize and change their treatments to accommodate your specific needs.

They specialize in manicures and pedicures only. This means that they focus all of their attention on the different packages for these treatments. Their high-quality products can help you get a great way to express yourself and add a little style. Since they have different packages for manicures and pedicures, you choose any of them that fits within your budget.

Address: 250 Steele St #204, Denver, CO 80206, United States

Phone: +1 303-388-6818

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When you visit one of these top nail salons in Cherry Creek, you won’t have to break the bank every time you want to pamper yourself. With any of these top nail salons, you can conveniently pamper yourself anytime. All of them will give your nails the attention and care they deserve.

When going to a new nail salon, one of the most important decisions is what services you want from them. The kind of services a nail salon provides tends to influence its clientele and workforce. We’ve seen that salons provide a wide variety of manicures, but it’s not uncommon for them to provide additional services as well.

Before choosing any of the above nail salons, go to their website. You can read through their specialties and learn about any offers they may have. Many of them also have customer feedback and reviews on their website, which can make them more trustworthy and credible. Now, you can choose any of the best nail salons Cherry Creek has.






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