Best Nail Salons in Charlotte, NC

15 Best Nail Salons in Charlotte, NC: Enhance your Glamour

Having a glamorous appearance is the ultimate necessity in the current world. One’s outlook and fashion sense has become one of the most important criteria for judging personality and status. Now, overall fashion sense doesn’t just include well-matching clothes and touch up. You have to look classy from head to toe. Here are the best nail salons in Charlotte, NC. Starting from your hair, your face, your accessories, or even your nails play a significant role in enhancing your glamor.

Yes, your nails! Taking proper care of your nails is not just necessary for your outlook but also plays a part in your hygiene. Getting your nails done is not an easy job. The most difficult part about it is to find the right place that you can trust with your nails. And if it’s in a place like Charlotte, then it’s not any less than a challenge.

Charlotte, NC has a huge number of exceptionally fashionable and well-maintained nail salons and spas to offer you everything you need. Are you stuck in such a situation too? Well, this article is the ultimate solution for you as it enlists 15 top-rated nail salons in Charlotte, NC. I can bet that going through this article will land you the best decision.

Best Nail Salons in Charlotte, NC:

Ava Nails and Spa

Ava Nails and Spa - nail salons in Charlotte NC

Ava Nails and Spa is one of the most premium nail salons in Charlotte, NC. It is also a wonderful venue to help you uncover your own beauty because it is conveniently located in the University neighborhood on Ikea Blvd. The salon proudly offers a wide range of nail and spa treatments with the highest-quality materials to its consumers.

At Ava’s, the highly qualified staff are continuously working hard to ensure superior quality, outstanding customer service, and aesthetic appeal. They mainly aim to make you feel at home, whether you are a first-time visitor or a frequent customer. They stay up to date with the changing trends of fashion and thus ensure you a fine modern look.

Address: 8160 Ikea Blvd Unit 1- B, Charlotte, NC 28262, United States

Phone: +1 704-921-0389

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Elegant Nails

Elegant Nails Waxing Spa

Established in 1992, Elegant Nails And Spa has been consistent in delivering nothing but the best nail and spa treatments in the city for almost 26 years. This consistency comes only with a consistent and exceptionally talented staff. This salon is one of the finest choices for those who are looking for comparatively cheap nail salons in Charlotte, NC but does not want to compromise the quality of service.

Starting from nail treatments to even waxing they have so many varieties that you’ll definitely find what you need. Moreover, this small family-owned salon assures safe and hygienic services and hence you can sit back and enjoy your beauty treatment with Elegant Nail and Spa.

Address: 4100 Carmel Rd # F, Charlotte, NC 28226, United States

Phone: +1 704-543-1007

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Ombre Nail Bar

Ombre Nail Bar - nail salons in Charlotte NC

Ombre Nail Bar, Charlotte is your one and only destination if a relaxed beauty session is what you’re looking for.  Located conveniently in North Carolina, Ombre is famous to offer top-notch services to its consumers while relaxing in comfort. Here, you may unwind in a comfortable and lavish setting, lower your work stress, and forget about the pressures of everyday life.

The services provided by the polite, enthusiastic personnel will satisfy your needs to the fullest. Alongside maintaining the quality of services, Ombre consistently upholds the sanitary level that distinguishes them from other locations. Each member of their team is well aware of the sanitization policy that prioritizes the hygiene of the client. So, say hello to attractive and healthy nails with Ombre Nail Bar.

Address: 5125 South Blvd Ste A, Charlotte, NC 28217, United States

Phone: +1 704-595-3621

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Bella Nail & Bar

Bella Nail & Bar

Bella Nail & Bar takes great pride in providing a spotless and welcoming atmosphere that allows you to freely relish the relaxing moments and flee from all of life’s pressures to make the most of your wonderful time. Here, exceptional service perfectly blends with style and sophistication. They ensure you the best service and attention possible. They offer the greatest manicure and pedicure services at competitive prices.

The passionate, skilled, and experienced professionals make it a point to give each of the treatments extraordinary attention to detail, giving you a stunning beauty that is rare to find in every other nail salon. Moreover, they keep a watchful eye on safety and sanitary measures as well. So, isn’t it just what you needed?

Address: 8918 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28273, United States

Phone: +1 704-588-9338

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Q Nails

Q Nails - nail salons in Charlotte NC

Q nails are the ultimate destination that offers you a welcoming yet professional environment and carefully takes into account every tiny detail of your experience. In addition to emphasizing comfort, attractiveness, well-being, and health, Q Nails is a tranquil retreat.

Their primary objectives are grade-A hygiene standards, client-centered services, and premium products. Q nail commits to providing you with the most recent advancements in beauty care, and they only work with the most reputable brands in the sector.

Manicure, pedicure, waxing, you can even get your acrylic nails done with the amazing friendly staff of this salon. You can rest assured that you will look better than you could ever think of! All thanks to the safe, hygienic, affordable yet classy service of Q nails. Q nails welcome you all days of the week so, feel free to visit anytime!

Address: 4425 Park Rd #150, Charlotte, NC 28209, United States

Phone: +1 704-679-3996

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Elegant Nails Waxing Spa

Elegant Nails

Elegant Nails Waxing Spa is quite proud of its excellent customer service. The qualified staff puts out a great deal of effort to provide each client with the greatest nail treatments possible according to their needs. A bunch of smiling faces welcomes you whenever you enter the salon and that’s the best part about this one.

They commit to building meaningful yet friendly relationships with clients, whether it be through manicures, waxing, pedicures, or nail enhancement services. The major objective of this salon is to offer top-notch services at fair pricing in a tidy, comfortable, and peaceful setting. Moreover, they don’t settle for any less hygiene and safety regarding their service. Have a nice grooming day with Elegant Nails Waxing Spa.

Address: 1235 East Blvd Ste C, Charlotte, NC 28203, United States

Phone: +1 704-375-6414

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Sami & Co Salon

Sami & Co Salon and Nail Spa - nail salons in Charlotte NC

Sami & Co Salon and Nail Spa, Charlotte draws attention as it has an airy, tidy environment, sophisticated interior design, and attractive architecture, as well as contemporary tools and equipment. As a customer, you can rely on a variety of treatments, including herbal pedicures, hair services, manicures, and more.

All of these are offered together with the highest-quality materials by skilled professionals. Here, the experts will undoubtedly assist you in designing well with any nail model you choose. They ensure that with their service, your nails become shielded from discoloration and breaking.

In addition, Sami & Co Salon and Nail Spa use the most reputable and well-known products from leading manufacturers to guarantee the highest quality in all the services they provide. By the way! They have some exciting discount coupons for you in-store! So, what are you even waiting for?

Address: 13527 Steelecroft Pkwy Ste B, Charlotte, NC 28278, United States

Phone: +1 980-237-6586

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J’Adore Nail Boutique

J'Adore Nail Boutique

This luxurious nail boutique has quite set the bar for the other salons in Charlotte, NC. The exceptionally qualified and skilled staff here are ready to provide their customers with a 5-star quality of service and experience, be it in the field of hospitality or work. J’Adore nail boutique pays close attention to every little thing.

Yes! That’s why they are different from all others as their aim is to offer their clients and employees a guilt-free, non-toxic, eco-friendly atmosphere. They take pride in offering a wide selection of polishes that are not only free from harmful substances but also perfectly suitable for kids and expectant mothers. J’Adore Nail Boutique is unmatched in its field because of the extensive selection of complimentary beverages and opulent luxuries.

Address: 220 N Pine St suite c, Charlotte, NC 28202, United States

Phone: +1 980-272-6023

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Apple Nail Spa

Apple Nail Spa - nail salons in Charlotte NC

In Charlotte, Apple Nail Spa offers relaxing and enjoyable manicure and pedicure services. It doesn’t matter Whether you want to paint your nails for any occasion or you just wish to spend some time to yourself, they are all set to help you in the best possible way. Just come in, and they will take care of everything else.

This leading relaxation and aesthetic nail spa promotes comfort, elegance, well-being, and health. For all the ladies and gentlemen out there in Charlotte, Apple Nail Spa commits to bringing you healthy and attractive nails and an allover welcoming experience in their salon throughout.

Moreover, they keep a watchful eye on the safety and hygiene measures of their staff, the salon, and also their precious customers. They make sure that the customers are served with the best quality treatment at an affordable price.

Address: 3429 Toringdon Way #108, Charlotte, NC 28277, United States

Phone: +1 704-542-0379

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Anthony Vince’ Nail Spa

Anthony Vince' Nail Spa

One of the top-notch nail spas in the country, Anthony Vince’s Nail Spa, was established in 2004. The salon has expanded from a single site to beyond 50 sites around the nation. Here, at Anthony Vince’s Nail Spa, the competent staff puts in all the effort to blend beauty and perfection in the best possible way.

No matter if you are a frequent customer or a first-time visitor, here, you’ll. Definitely feel at home. When getting your nails done outside under their signature sky setting, unwind in a luxurious spa chair.

Anthony’s main goal is to lead the industry and offer customers the most innovative services. They stay up to date with all the nail and beauty trends to satisfy your needs while caring well regarding the safety of hygiene of you and yourself. And that’s what makes it the best!

Address: 6401 Carnegie Blvd #3b, Charlotte, NC 28211, United States

Phone: +1 704-910-6820

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Purity Organic Nail bar

Purity Organic Nail bar - nail salons in Charlotte NC

A distinctive beauty and health experience customized to your individual needs is what Purity Organic Nail bar offers. They are dedicated to giving you information on achieving a better, healthier state of well-being by ensuring the use of naturally derived organic products as well as therapies that are results-driven.

They have some exciting offers including their trademark spa manicure and pedicure services, and attractive nail designs in the salon for you. Purity is best in their place as they always settle for leading brand name materials no matter what the service is.

Welcome to the most pleasant setting in this opulent, modern-inspired salon that flawlessly blends both your requirements and appearance. From your entry to your exit, your security and comfort are the top priority of Purity. They promise to uphold the finest industry standards in light of this. In accordance with state laws, we sterilize and sanitize all reusable nail instruments for ensuring your utmost safety.

Address: 333 S Kings Dr, Charlotte, NC 28204, United States

Phone: +1 704-315-6978

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La Pure Organic Nail Boutique

La Pure Organic Nail Boutique

Permit yourself for a day to relax and rejuvenate with La Pure Nail Salon in Charlotte. This one is one of the most premium yet homely destinations for You to paint your nails in a comfortable and aesthetic setting. Unlike many other salons in this business, La Pure takes pride to ensure no use of any harmful chemicals to their customers.

Hence, if an eco-friendly place with a nice interior and relaxing ambiance is what you are searching for, don’t go with any other salon but this. The skilled and passionate staff over here takes special care of your health and aesthetic requirements.

The best part of this salon is that they have some exciting home care packages to provide the best care for their customers. Visit La pure, sit back, and enjoy the top-rated service of the well-trained technicians over here.

Address: 1111 Central Ave Unit 220, Charlotte, NC 28204, United States

Phone: +1 980-498-6388

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Nailgo Spa

Nailgo Spa - nail salons in Charlotte NC

Nailgo Spa, Charlotte is here to enhance your unique charms and beauty because Nailgo believes in the line “you are amazing, just the way you are!” In case you prefer to follow the most recent nail trends or stick with traditional styles, then my friend Nailgo is the choice for you.

Here, you can rest assured that your nails will get all glamorous like a piece of art with the skilled hands of our highly qualified manicurists. Also, here at Nailgo, nothing makes more important than your security and comfort.

They promise to uphold the highest quality standards in light of this. You can check their beautiful gallery of art provided on the website. Come visit and relax with Nailgo for painting your nails in the most attractive yet healthy way! That’s the promise Nailgo gives you!

Address: 4200 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28209, United States

Phone: +1 704-526-0482

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Ultra Nail Boutique

Ultra Nail Boutique

Who wouldn’t want to get a manicure on a leisurely weekend with their friends while sipping a cocktail? This is exactly what Ultra Nail Boutique has to offer to its customers. The awe factor of this salon is that they keep the safety of their customers above all.

All the tools here are sterilized in an autoclave to make it absolutely hygienic. Here, at Ultra Nail, they have all the latest technologies to ensure you get the best experience possible. All of this is offered to you at a discounted rate without pinching your pocket. So, try Ultra Nail and look ultra-modern.

Address: 2126 South Blvd Suite 2, Charlotte, NC 28203, United States

Phone: +1 980-498-7698

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Premium Nails And Spa

Premium Nails And Spa - nail salons in Charlotte NC

Your nails contribute to the impact you have on the eyes of the beholder. Here, at Premium Nails And Spa, they make sure that your nails get the premium level of care that they need. They use all-natural and organic methods to give you the ultimate look.

Not only that, in case you have any doubts regarding their services feel free to contact them anytime as they prioritize customer service above everything. So, you can blindly trust this salon with your nail treatment and you’ll get the best results for sure.

Address: 5220 New Fashion Way #300, Charlotte, NC 28278, United States

Phone: +1 980-218-9667

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Nowadays it’s extremely important to get your nails done to match up with the fashion trends of society. But, taking care of your nails entails much more than simply painting them. Despite all the improvements acrylic nails have undergone, you still need to take adequate care of them when you’re home and in between visits to the manicure shop.

So, you must choose the salon wisely as it plays the most significant role in changing the appearance of your nails. Alongside prioritizing the quality of services and skilled staff, you have to pay attention to the excess as well as you might have to visit that often. Although a relaxing ambiance and a welcoming atmosphere are not any less important in this case.

Finally, The best nail salons we’ve listed above are in Charlotte, NC making them the most ideal locations for people to get their nails done. Those who have been to these salons have praised them highly on many websites and have also recommended the same to their friends and family. Most of the salons have a wide review section where you can find such reviews of the clients for your reference and better idea. So, what are you even waiting for? Give these places a chance to be your ideal spot to unwind.






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