Best Nail Salons in Avon Indiana

6 Best Nail Salons in Avon Indiana with Budget Friendly (2023)

If you are planning to visit a nail salon in Avon then you must know what to expect. For regular visitors, it is like a chore but for first-timers, it can either be a treat or a dreadful experience. It will be a treat if you prepare yourself before going to nail salons in Avon Indiana. It is pretty common to think that in a nail salon, you will get services related to nail application. But it is not the scene. There are plenty more services which you can get.

Do not prepare your mind around nail paint application only. Nail salons provide pedicures, manicures, waxing, threading, massages, gel nails, acrylic nails and so much more. Manicures and pedicures are a way to relax your hands and feet and clean them at the same time. All the dead skin, dirt, and hair on your hands and feet will be removed in these procedures.

Normally these can be expensive but if you take them in a package they will cost less. It is totally up to you. If you have sufficient time and budget then you can literally go for just a manicure. Otherwise, along with some nail service. Here is a list of the six best nail salons in Avon Indiana.

Best Nail Salons in Avon Indiana:

VIP Nails

VIP Nails - nail salon avon

VIP Nails is present in Indianapolis. It is a licensed professional salon in the country. The inside of this nail salon in Avon Indiana is very aesthetic and beautiful. You can book an appointment or just walk in directly. Along with nail services they have excellent manicure, pedicure, and spa services.

Apart from that you can get hot waxing, skin rejuvenation, and a lot more. The manicure has three categories- basic, gel, and dip. The pedicure has four categories- basic, spa, volcano, and deluxe. Nail enhancements can be done in two ways- full and fill-in. In full nail enhancement, you can get a basic one or colorful ones like pink, ombre, other colors, etc.

In fill-in nail enhancements you can get basics, gel color, pink only, ombre in two colors, and color powder. They also have a kid’s service section. Basic additional services like add-ons, nail repairs, polish change, and french, etc are also available here.

Address: 55 S Raceway Rd #1200, Indianapolis, IN 46231, United States

Phone: +1 317-271-7870

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Plainfield Nails & Spa

Plainfield Nails & Spa - nail salon avon

Plainfield Nail and Spa is in Plainfield just as the name says. This nail spa remains closed on Wednesdays. They offer multiple types of treatments and services. The ambiance is very relaxing and they will definitely give you the nails that you dream about. In the full set category, they offer acrylic nails, gel nails, dipping powder nails, gel fill-ins, and others.

In the manicure option, you get different options like a basic one, french, gel, and with a combo of nail paint changes. The pedicure has options like basic, special, Voesh, organic, and a combo with a toenail polish change. Other services include take-offs in gel, acrylic, and powder.

Regular take-off is also done but you can change only 5 colors, not more than that. So, think before applying. Different nail art designs are also available at this nail salon Avon. You can also try the kid’s services for your kids.

Address: 1410 E Main St #143, Plainfield, IN 46168, United States

Phone: +1 317-406-3099

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Moon’s Nails

Moon's Nails 

Moon’s Nails is another best nail salon in Plainfield. The customer testimonials on their website are proof that their services are really good. When you enter the salon you can see a beautiful setup with chairs and a colorful range of nail paints on display. The manicure they offer come in varieties like basic, gel, french, and a kids manicure.

The pedicure comes with a huge classification. You get kid’s pedicures up to 10 years, spa, deluxe pedicures, aroma, volcano, premium, green tea, and honey and moon’s nail pedicures, etc. You can add some extra services to your pedicure like polish removal, gel, design for 2 nails, and many others.

If you want you can do a booking through their website. Or you can book through a phone call. They will tell you the cost as well before bookings. So, you can decide based on your budget if you want to choose Moon’s nails.

Address: 302 Dan Jones Rd Suite #133, Plainfield, IN 46168, United States

Phone: +1 317-203-5848

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Von Mia Beauty

Von Mia Beauty

Von Mia Beauty is a complete package of nails and makeup. If you love makeup and getting your eyebrows done once a week then this place is just for you. You can visit the website of Von Mia Beauty to see the amazing results of their professional services. So many people have posted lovely pictures, comments, and replies.

They also do a permanent brow for people who love perfect brows. If you are a nail freak then this is the best place for you. Be it eyelash extensions or just a simple eyebrow threading. You can get everything done here. Apart from permanent brow gel, you can get permanent eyeliner and lip liners.

You can also take professional advice from their expert technicians. If you do not wish to indulge in permanent makeup directly, you can take semi-permanent makeup options as well. 

Address: 938 3rd Ave N, Naples, FL 34102, United States

Phone: +1 317-480-9100


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Emma Spa & Nails in Camby

Emma Spa & Nails in Camby - nail salon avon

Emma Spa and Nails is in Camby. It is one of the best nail salon in Avon Indiana. You can get all sorts of manicures, and pedicures here. They have such a unique design for nails that you feel different from the rest. This nail spa is perfect for all your parties and events where you want an elegant yet stylish nail set.

They have over 39k followers on Instagram. You can visit the website of Emma spa or check their social media handle for more details. Apart from nail services, they have a herbal compress massage on their menu which is a big hit. Hydration and lifting treatments are another big hit of Emma spa. Overall it is a decent place for a quick treatment when you are out of time.

Address: Heartland Crossing, 8411 Windfall Ln Ste 140, Camby, IN 46113, United States

Phone: +1 317-856-7304

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The Pink Door Nail Spa

The Pink Door Nail Spa - nail salon avon

The Pink Door Nail Spa is in Avon. It is quite a cute nail spa with a small setting. You can get limited services here. Nevertheless, the quality of each service is superb. They mostly cover hand-related services. You can get gel polish manicures, gel polish manicures with nail art and designs, express manicures, structured gel manicures and so much more. 

What’s unique is that they offer a special kind of manicure which is called structured gel manicure. In this, they will apply a gel overlay and it will nourish your nails to make them strong and long. Swarovski crystal nail art is also a big hit. You can also check The Pink Door website for the beautiful designs they have curated. They mostly take clients by appointment so you can give them a call or book online.

Phone: +1 317-586-8955

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It is amazing to see how far technology has taken us. Such a simple part of your body can be made so beautiful using little nail printers, UV lights, and many more. Since the very beginning nails were painted using colorful paints but now much more has come into the market. Gel, acrylic, and powder are some examples of those new types of nails.

Nowadays, nail extensions have also become very popular. People who cannot naturally grow long nails use extensions. They are similar to hair extensions. No one can tell the difference between real and fake. You must have seen many popular Hollywood celebrities like Kylie Jenner using these artificial nails. Always remember that there is a proper protocol to leave the salon.

While entering you know what to expect but while going the technicians and salon owner will also have some expectations from you. Be cautious to leave only when you are completely dry. Once you have stood up, pay a tip to the technician. Technicians also do their jobs according to your needs. So, they deserve a fine tip apart from the charges you pay. Then you can pay the final amount and leave. Try the Avon nail salon to make your nails super shiny and glittery.






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